Lego Worlds Early Access Preview

It’s Lego meets Minecraft in this early access title. Stepping away from their prolific series of inoffensive if uninspired licensed games, Traveler’s Tales finally brings us what we always imagined a real Lego video game would be–a world built entirely out of bricks, where you could tear down a mountain and rebuilt it into a castle.

When you start the game, you’re quite literally dropped into a procedurally generated plastic world, full of forests and farms and mountains and… candylands. The game offers no restrictions on your ability to reconstruct the landscape, whether you want to pull it apart brick by brick or paint your changes in broad strokes.

The ingame building tool presents a fairly robust framework with which to create, but currently only offers basic bricks in its pool of pieces–though, in fairness, it’s a WIDE selection of basic bricks. But it’s still missing items such as doors and windows, or any sort of mechanical pieces–expect the kind of bricks you’d pull out of a thousand-piece bucket rather than a specialized set.

While you can’t build mechanical creations, you can find cars, planes, and other modes of transportation randomly throughout the environment. After you find one, you can purchase it to use at any time by spending studs that appear as you destroy various objects. You can similarly unlock additional minifigures, ridable animals, and various usable items. There isn’t much to do beyond seeking out these unlockables–all of which can be found in a matter of hours. Unless you’re dedicated to digital Lego construction, it’s tough to recommend the game in its current state.

Lego Worlds is a very cool framework for a game that doesn’t quite exist yet, and there’s not yet a clear idea of what kinds of goals players will be able to work toward in the final game. The developer has promised monthly content updates, the first of which should be available soon, with a final release sometime in 2016.

Lego Worlds Early Access Preview

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